Occhio Black

Occhio Black is a streetwear brand bringing a fresh, stylish look people will love to wear but also a meaning behind the brand its self, which makes it more than just clothing but a lifestyle and with that Occhio Black will go far within in the fashion industry without changing it up to fit in.

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Re.creation is a design studio in Pretoria, South Africa which was started by a team of four young men which consists of a photographer, designer, creative director and projects co-ordinator. They are coming with a looked you would think is from a designer that has been in the industry for years. With them working on their skills and learning all there is to know to take them to the next level Re.creation is definitely something that can take over the style industry. If you love fashion that is new and fresh then Re.creation is for sure something you need to take a look at!

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Vizionary is a clothing line started in 2016 it is  based in Atlanta, Georgia. Vizionary is bringing a fresh look to clothing for people to rep but it is also a brand to inspiring people to focus on there Vizion and never quit what they love to do. With so many designs, colours and looks there is definitely something for everyone, from t-shirts to hoody’s to hats you will find something you love!

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2Gees Clothing

2Gees Clothing is dad and lad clothing brand that started as a small idea, growing into something inspirational that helps so many people. Giving 10% of every sale to Starlight Foundation which helps terminal ill children’s dreams come true.  Not only is 2Gees Clothing a good cause to support but they also sell top quality stylish stuff, with hats out now and clothing on its way.

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“By donating a portion of the sales from 2Gees I hope to help others who are in the same situation I was in. I know that would make my father proud.” – Jon 2Gees.Continue reading

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The Story

The Story is a streetwear clothing brand from Birmingham in the UK, that started in 2013.

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HazeyK is a new platform to help new creative talent, one of the areas we focus on is style. We are looking for people to post on our website. Whether you are a stylist, designer, starting your own clothing line or a fashion blogger, WE WILL POST IT!

We want to be a platform where people can find new talent to love, a place for people to find others to work with and for people already in the industry to find new talent.

We will also be posting advice and knowledge from people already in the industry to help new up and coming talent.

So if you are a person wanting to be featured on the website GET IN CONTACT!