Michayl Lox

Michayl Lox is a music artist from America in his own lane taking his time to work on his talent and become the best, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get there. He’s got hard sounding music with a nice flow and real lyrics about his life, not made up stuff that he might thinks people wants to hear, just to gain a few fans which makes him one of the realest and that’s what the industry needs. Michayl Lox is for sure the definition of real hip hop and it won’t be long before the world knows!
So checkout what makes him standout what he can bring to the industry and what he wants people to take away from his music!

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 Yel is a up and coming artist from America and has to be one of the most slept on artist in the scene right now, with a sound and lyrical talent you can’t help but stop and listen to. She has the talent, vision and hustle that is needed to be at the top so it is only time before she is where she deserves to be. We are loving her over here at HazeyK and we know everyone that takes a listen to her work definitely will to, 2018 has to be her year to blow so make sure to take a listen and be ready!
So checkout what she would describe her sound, what made her think about a carer in music and what we can except in the future.

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Talibandz Spazzout

Talibandz Spazzout is a up and coming music producer ready to making big moves in the industry with the ability to make versatile beats to suit almost any artist and there sound. With the talent and vision he has you know it won’t be long before he’s working with some of the best and a name known in the music scene.

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Ajani is a artist from Zimbabwe, with a sound that you would think is from someone already at the top of the industry, listening to his new release  “The Path of Ratcheousness” it is something you would want to hear on the radio and is definitely something that is radio ready! You can tell he is an artist that knows what he wants and the lane he wants to go, what makes him stand out from other new up and coming artist is you know that he know how to get there.
So checkout how he would describe his style and sound, if music was a big part of his childhood and what he can bring to the industry.

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Mojo Chamberlin

Mojo Chamberlin is a music artist from America, with a flow and the hunger that has already built him a strong fan base. First listening to his music you can hear the catchy modern rap sound but with lyrics from the timeless old school hip hop scene, which comes together nicely and works well.  Keeping up the hard work required to succeed in the music industry he is an artist set out for big things!

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Kelia is a talented singer from Virginia with a sound that you can vibe to. She is an artist with the voice and the skill to write music that is something that can go far in the industry, she is for sure someone you need to checkout and support!

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SOS music

SOS music is a music group based in Dubai but each member comes from some where different in the world. Coming from different places and having different backgrounds is something that makes them standout from others and works so well to make something different but something that people love, with them coming from different countries its nice for a group that all types of people can relate to, it helps bring people together for sure! They have performed along side some of the biggest artist and hit over a million views with their song Abu Dabbin with Ayo Beats but hitting even more views with the remix featuring Red Cafe and Chip. Just looking at what they have done so far you can tell they are now ready to take over and they are definitely something the world is not only ready for but something that is needed in the industry!

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16 is a music producer from the UK  with a bright future in the industry making a different sound and style to what is out right now but also something that will go nicely with the growth of the UK sound and industry. Knowing what he wants to do with his music and the hunger to achieve his goals is something that will help him to succeed in the industry, so he is for sure someone to checkout but also someone to watch out for!

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Jay Jones

Jay Jones is a music artist from America with the hunger and passion to achieve anything he sets out to. His sound is catchy and his flow fits nicely with all the instrumentals he has jumped on, he definitely knows how to make his sound fit with the beat  to make a good sounding song. He is an artist knowing what he wants, not willing to give up until he gets to where he wants!

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Lil Rose

Lil Rose is a young up and coming music artist from America, bringing you a sound to vibe to. Listening to his music you would think it comes from someone much older with his flow and lyrical ability, so you only know with many years ahead of him to learn more and work on his craft he will take over the industry! He is definitely someone to watch out for. Make sure to checkout his soundcloud and follow him on Twitter @officiallilrose .
So checkout who his musical heroes are, the main topics of his lyrics and what makes him standout from others?

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