NEW RELEASE: Narko- Options

Another banger coming from Narko a talented artist we have supported for a while, this time he is coming with a song called Options produced by J.IBZ , this one has a hyped vibe, you can hear the hunger and passion in his voice in this track which makes you want to keep playing it over and over again!Continue reading

Donkey In Tha Room 1400x100

NEW RELEASE: Q.Z. Tha Leader/Devin James-Donkey In Tha Room

Donkey In Tha Room is a collaborative 5 track EP by Q.Z. Tha Leader and Devin James under the label PackLeaderNation Recordings. Donkey In Tha Room is something for everyone with the focuses of the project being on human unity.  The sound is something all the old school hip hop heads will love but with a hint that makes it relevant with todays music and with this sound it is not something which people can hate on! Continue reading