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Joachim Romain

Joachim Romain is a talented artist from Normandie, bringing a raw feel to his art which fits it well with the urban environment where you will see a lot of his work, although his work fits in well within the urban  environment, his talent is something that stands out with different materials that he uses and layered up to make it eye catching. He also brings emotions to his art, working with portraits but still with that urban, raw feel. His work is something people want to see and it still something people should take the time to understand it.

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Caprice Sanchez

Caprice Sanchez is a talented photography and artist working towards a dream willing to work hard to get there. Looking at Caprice Sanchez work you can’t deny there is talent there with hard work and the hunger to be the best only good things are in this young artist’s future.
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Dmitry is a artist and tattoo artist from Ukraine. The detail in his work is amazing and definitely something you can call a piece of art work. His work is something that stands out and makes you keep looking. Being able to take his talent of drawing and painting on a flat surface into tattooing people and still keeping the detail of his work is for sure something that shows he is truly talented and someone that has perfected his craft.

So checkout how he would describe he’s style, when he first stared tattooing and what made him take his talent into tattooing Continue reading


Drunk Wolf

Drunk wolf is a spray painter and also a digital artist from the UK making amazing pieces of artwork  that are bold, eye-catching and creative which stand out from the rest. He exhibits his work, one of his pieces will soon be showed at The Old Co-Op Project in Garston, Liverpool which is ran by East Street Arts. You can  buy his work on his website .

So checkout what he has to say about how he first got in to art, what his dream project would be and what we can expect for the future!  Continue reading


HazeyK is a new platform to help new creative talent, one of the areas we focus on is art. We are looking for people to post on our website. Whether you do tattoos, photography, a artist or a graphic designer, WE WILL POST IT!

We want to be a platform where people can find new talent to love, a place for people to find others to work with and for people already in the industry to find new talent.

We will also be posting advice and Knowledge from people already in the industry to help new up and coming talent.

So if you are a person wanting to be featured on the website GET IN CONTACT!