Michayl Lox

Michayl Lox is a music artist from America in his own lane taking his time to work on his talent and become the best, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get there. He’s got hard sounding music with a nice flow and real lyrics about his life, not made up stuff that he might thinks people wants to hear, just to gain a few fans which makes him one of the realest and that’s what the industry needs. Michayl Lox is for sure the definition of real hip hop and it won’t be long before the world knows!
So checkout what makes him standout what he can bring to the industry and what he wants people to take away from his music!

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Occhio Black

Occhio Black is a streetwear brand bringing a fresh, stylish look people will love to wear but also a meaning behind the brand its self, which makes it more than just clothing but a lifestyle and with that Occhio Black will go far within in the fashion industry without changing it up to fit in.

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selectie parijs dag 2 joachim voor poster muur

Joachim Romain

Joachim Romain is a talented artist from Normandie, bringing a raw feel to his art which fits it well with the urban environment where you will see a lot of his work, although his work fits in well within the urban  environment, his talent is something that stands out with different materials that he uses and layered up to make it eye catching. He also brings emotions to his art, working with portraits but still with that urban, raw feel. His work is something people want to see and it still something people should take the time to understand it.

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 Yel is a up and coming artist from America and has to be one of the most slept on artist in the scene right now, with a sound and lyrical talent you can’t help but stop and listen to. She has the talent, vision and hustle that is needed to be at the top so it is only time before she is where she deserves to be. We are loving her over here at HazeyK and we know everyone that takes a listen to her work definitely will to, 2018 has to be her year to blow so make sure to take a listen and be ready!
So checkout what she would describe her sound, what made her think about a carer in music and what we can except in the future.

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NEW RELEASE: Narko- Options

Another banger coming from Narko a talented artist we have supported for a while, this time he is coming with a song called Options produced by J.IBZ , this one has a hyped vibe, you can hear the hunger and passion in his voice in this track which makes you want to keep playing it over and over again!Continue reading


Caprice Sanchez

Caprice Sanchez is a talented photography and artist working towards a dream willing to work hard to get there. Looking at Caprice Sanchez work you can’t deny there is talent there with hard work and the hunger to be the best only good things are in this young artist’s future.
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Donkey In Tha Room 1400x100

NEW RELEASE: Q.Z. Tha Leader/Devin James-Donkey In Tha Room

Donkey In Tha Room is a collaborative 5 track EP by Q.Z. Tha Leader and Devin James under the label PackLeaderNation Recordings. Donkey In Tha Room is something for everyone with the focuses of the project being on human unity.  The sound is something all the old school hip hop heads will love but with a hint that makes it relevant with todays music and with this sound it is not something which people can hate on! Continue reading


Talibandz Spazzout

Talibandz Spazzout is a up and coming music producer ready to making big moves in the industry with the ability to make versatile beats to suit almost any artist and there sound. With the talent and vision he has you know it won’t be long before he’s working with some of the best and a name known in the music scene.

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