Occhio Black

Occhio Black is a streetwear brand bringing a fresh, stylish look people will love to wear but also a meaning behind the brand its self, which makes it more than just clothing but a lifestyle and with that Occhio Black will go far within in the fashion industry without changing it up to fit in.

so checkout what Occhio Black is all about!

What is Occhion Black?

Occhio is an Italian word that means “the eye” black is one of my favourite colours which I say represents power

Occhio Black

The “EYE 👁”  means anything you ever been through in life you have to see your own struggles failures accomplishments and goals

The “TEAR DROP 💧” signifies anything you have been through in life you have you have to shed blood sweat and tears in order to accomplish your goals!

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Where is Occhio Black Based?

Started in savannah ga and relocated Atlanta

Who is the brand aimed at?

We call ourselves a “casual streetwear” brand because it can be worn everywhere

How was it first stared?

The brown started when I was 17 years old it was just an idea I came up with a lot of concepts never follow through until I was 24 because I have so many different ideas so many different visions and I wanted to solidify everything that I wanted to do and make sure it was done correctly and properly before I liked anything so the route the years between 17 and 24 of the building phase I had to solidify my name at this solidified had to miss a little farther concepts and the angle of everything I wanted to do a reference of the clothing line so did a couple years but once we actually like how we finalize the name of Gayle black is what came about my first design was the winner circle logo and then from there on the teardrop came out and with the teardrop came out we actually believe it has become one of the most iconic logos to hit the streets of Monk Street where brands.
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How would you describe the look of Occhion Black?

Look a little girl black is casual I’m is every day wear you can wear it anywhere church tomorrow movies  it’s all about self-preservation and the eye represents the struggle so anybody’s ever been to anything in life when they wear a brand they should wear our brand with their head held high everybody has endured some type of struggle some type of obstacle in life and we represent that.

What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Where is ration but I hope your blood came from when I was 17 years old are used to try at least to hustle are used to sell drugs spent so much money on clothes shoes and everything I did research one of my favourite designers is Pharrell Williams and I watched them as a child deal with bape ice cream BBC how he cultivated the street where culture I started in 1999 but didn’t really blow up until he came on board and when they brought  Williams on I was so intrigued by how he took it to mainstream  yet still underground because you still can’t find it in any retail store like that unless your exclusive and  being exclusive set them apart from all other street where brand it is hard to find everybody wants you and everybody can find it nobody needs it so we created a lifestyle based off of the platform that has already been put in position based off of my opinions and I did a lot of studying the data research you know when he came to direction when It came to you know branding I come from the crack era  I’m an 80s baby so I come from the streetwear era.

What garments do you do?

We do hoodies T-shirts crew next crop top for women kids hoodies dad hats beanies joggers windbreakers anything  about the imagine we can create.

What can people expect from Occhio Black in the future?

In the future you can expect more celebrities wear enough though that progressively where you dearly varsity jacket track soon possibly were going to jump into high fashion and just saw depends on the lane we want to really touch where growing! Every day.

Where can people find Occhio Black?

People killed by Oak Hill black on Instagram at occhio_BLK_clothing website is currently working on a list of stores right now to our house our clothing home but again we want to keep it as explosive as possible.
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